L'Oreal Paris Professional Inoa Hair Color with Inoa Devloper

L'Oreal Paris Professional Inoa Hair Color with Inoa Devloper

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The Hair colour of the Future- Loreal Inoa Hair colour is a must have with a wide range of colour shades to die for. This Ammonia free hair colour is not only odourless but Enhances Scalp Comfort but also Optimises Hair protection.


Product description L’Oréal Professionnel Inoa ODS

L’Oréal Professionnel Inoa ODS Oxydant Riche activating emulsion acts as a developer for Inoa hair dyes and is available in 10 vol., 20 vol. and 30 vol.


  • acts as an oxidising agent when mixed with hair dyes
  • prevents hair damage
  • helps achieve a natural shade
  • one bottle is sufficient for approximately 16 uses


  • natural oils – take care of stressed colour-treated hair

How to apply:
Mix the Inoa ODS activating emulsion with the hair dye of your choice in a 1:1 ratio (use 3% oxidant for tone-on-tone colouring, 6% oxidant for a difference of one to two shades and 9% oxidant to lift up to three shades). Then apply the mixture to dry hair and leave for 35 minutes.