Oriental Botanics Neem, Tea Tree And Basil Anti Acne Clay Mask (100gm)

Oriental Botanics Neem, Tea Tree And Basil Anti Acne Clay Mask (100gm)

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Oriental Botanics Neem, Tree Tree, & Basil Anti Acne Clay Mask is a great way to clear pores and deep cleanse excess oil and impurities from the skin. With natural ingredients like neem, tea tree, and basil, this face mask works on acne-causing bacteria to keep skin clear and blemish-free. It contains skin purifying extracts that are gentle yet effective on the skin. The potent ingredients help control the overproduction of sebum, keeping the skin clean and clear. Neem has anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties that reduce acne and makes the skin healthy. Tea tree further increases Neem's benefits, as it helps in calming redness, swelling, and inflammation. Basil acts as an effective pore cleanser that helps to deep cleanse the skin, keeping it hydrated, nourished, and glowing. The clay mask is infused with kaolin and bentonite clay, which smoothly glides over the skin for easy application. Additionally, the powerhouse of botanical ingredients present in the clay mask deeply cleanses the skin and flushes all the toxins. It also contains the moisturizing glycerine to prevent skin over-drying and maintain a youthful and healthy glow. The Neem, Tree Tree, & Basil Clay Mask contains natural skin saviours for healthy skin. The formulation does not contain any harmful chemicals and is safe to use.


  • Anti-acne face mask that helps keep the skin clear and blemish-free
  • Contains tea tree oil, neem, basil, kaolin and bentonite clays as well as glycerine
  • Controls oil production in the skin to keep your skin balanced
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients help reduce redness, swelling and irritation
  • Clay-rich formula helps remove impurities and toxins from the skin
  • Glycerine keeps skin soft and hydrated, preventing dryness
  • Free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil, or SLS/SLES

About the Brand: Introducing Oriental Botanicals, the Australian-made range of natural health products formulated according to the ancient principles of Chinese herbal medicine, and available exclusively from pharmacies. Since 1999, the goal at Oriental Botanicals has been to provide you with optimal therapeutic results by integrating the best of traditional Chinese medicine with clinically tested Western herbal remedies. The brand offers products free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and common allergens, and are carefully tested for purity, potency and toxic contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides.