Wella Professionals INVIGO Senso Calm Sensitive Mask (150ml)

Wella Professionals INVIGO Senso Calm Sensitive Mask (150ml)

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Invigo Balance Blend: Takes care of your individual scalp and hair needs, infused with caring and refreshing ingredients.

Wella Professionals Invigo Balance Senso Calm Sensitive Mask is a soothing, rich, fragrance-free treatment for sensitive and irritated scalp that relieves annoying itching. For a relaxed scalp feel and healthy hair.


  • Senso calm sensitive mask with allantoin that nourishes and refreshes your hair and scalp
  • At the same time, the mask also strengthens your hair
  • This fragrance free mask alleviates itchiness while helping to strengthen the hair
  • Enriched with valuable ingredients such as lotus extract, menthol and allantoin, it reliably soothes the irritated and itchy scalp
  • Ideal for fresh and clean healthy looking hair

Shelf Life: 36 months