Whisper Ultra Soft 2x Softer Odour Control - XL Plus (15 Pads)

Whisper Ultra Soft 2x Softer Odour Control - XL Plus (15 Pads)

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Feel comfortable with Whisper Ultra Soft XL Plus sanitary pads with wings. For extra gentleness on your skin, Whisper Ultra Soft pads are two times softer and contain a soft top sheet in both the centre and wings. With these sanitary pads, your skin will get all the care it needs and you'll get all the confidence you deserve. These pads are nearly 40% longer and have soft pores that drive liquid to the core and lock it away, so you have extra coverage and long-lasting protection. The stretchable wings in the Whisper Ultra Soft pads wrap around your panties to keep the pad in place, while the fresh odourless pearls capture and lock away period odour.


  • Features a soft top sheet that prevents skin irritation
  • Stretchable wings keep the napkin firmly in place
  • Soft pores suck the liquid in and lock it away
  • Odourless pearls capture and lock away period odour to keep you feeling fresh all day long
  • Nearly 40 percent longer for more coverage

About the Brand: Whisper, a renowned brand under Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited is one of the most trusted brands used by women across the world. Whisper offers a wide range of sanitary napkins to suit every girl or woman's needs. Whisper believes that with the right menstrual pad, you can take the first step to have a happy period and can be confident every day of the month.